In Social Trading rests a completely new and innovative way of analyzing financial data through the  comparison of other successful traders’ strategies, trades and analysis, where the investor has the  option to follow and copy other lucrative investors trades .

As the most revolutionary of all the modern methods used to trade the financial markets, social trading has transformed the way investors trade by enabling them to observe and analyze the trading methods used by other investors, in this way allowing them to adopt those which they feel will maximize their potential to make profits. Traders have the option of copying the trades of others in their entirety, or simply selecting elements of another’s trading strategy and incorporating them into their own. Before the Social Trading revolution, all investors had as tools to trade the financial markets were technical and fundamental analysis. Today, traders can use the power of Social Trading to their advantage and compare their own decision making process in trading with that of others in order to create the optimal and most profitable trading strategy .

In addition to the above, Social Trading is an excellent tool for amateur traders as it helps them gain essential knowledge and experience by exposing them to the techniques of experienced traders. In this light, Social Trading becomes a strong element of a trader’s education and makes the learning curve smoother and quicker. Moreover, it’s fun; traders from around the world are given the opportunity to interact with one another, discuss, learn and grow from each other, all in the name of minimizing their losses and maximizing their profits.