This Risk Warning represents a legal requirement as detailed hereon:

In consideration of the Company agreeing to enter into a binary options trading agreement with the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”), “the Client” acknowledges, understands and agrees that:

1. Binary trading is highly speculative and risky, and involves an outstanding risk of loss, therefore is not suitable for everyone, but only for those investors who:

(a) Recognize and are willing to assume the economic, legal and other risks involved

(b) Are financially able to assume the loss of their total investment

(c) Have requisite knowledge and understanding of binary options trading and the underlying assets

The Client represents, warrants and agrees that they understand these risks, and are willing and able, financially and otherwise, to assume the risks of trading in binary options and that the potential loss of their whole account balance will not substantially affect their lifestyle.

2. Cash Settlement: The Client acknowledges and understands that Binary options trading can only be settled in cash.

3. The Client acknowledges and accepts that prices are set by the Company and could differ from prices reported elsewhere. The Company shall provide the prices to be used in trading and valuation of Client positions in accordance with its trading policies and procedures. The trading rates of the assets found on the Company’s website are the rates at which the Company is willing to sell binary options to its Clients at the point of sale. It is possible at times that these rates may not precisely reflect real time market levels at the point in time at which the sale of options takes place .

4.Rights to Underlying Assets: The Client has no rights or obligations in respect to the underlying instruments or assets associated with their binary options trading.

5. Right to Cancel an Order: The Client has the right to cancel a trade they have placed for a period of at least 2 seconds after clicking the CALL or PUT button. Cancellation of a trade will not affect the Client’s trading balance and the funds will be returned to the trading account).

6. The Company is not an advisor or a fiduciary to the Client: In instances where the Company may provide generic market comments or recommendations, these do not constitute personal investment advice and have not considered any of the Client’s individual circumstances or investment objectives, nor act as an offer to trade, or the solicitation of an offer to trade, in any binary options. When the Client takes the decision to trade in binary options with the Company and determines whether a transaction is appropriate or proper for them, this is an independent decision made by the Client. The Company does not act as an advisor nor does it serve as a fiduciary to the Client. The Client agrees that the Company has no fiduciary duty to the Client and no liability in connection with any liabilities, claims, damages, indemnifications, costs and/or expenses, including attorneys’ fees and/or any legal proceedings, incurred in connection with the Client following any of the Company’s generic trading recommendations or taking/not taking action based on any generic recommendations or information provided by the Company.

7. Recommendations are not guaranteed: General market recommendations provided by the Company are based purely on the opinion judgment of the Company’s personnel. The Client consequently acknowledges that they enter into transactions relying on their own judgment. Any market recommendations made by the Company are of generic nature only and may or may not be consistent with the market positions or intentions of the Company and/or its affiliates. These market recommendations are formed based on information believed to be reliable, but the Company cannot and shall not guarantee the accuracy or totality thereof or vouch that following such generic recommendations will in any way lessen or remove the risk in trading binary options.

8. No Guarantees of Profit: No guarantees of profit or of avoiding losses can be made when trading in binary options. The Client has received no such guarantees from the Company or any of its representatives. The Client is aware of the risks inherent in trading binary options and is financially able to bear these risks and endure any losses incurred.

9. Internet Trading. When the Client trades online, the Company shall not be liable for any losses, damages, claims, indemnifications, costs or expenses, caused, directly or not, by any internet connection malfunctions or failure of any transmission, communication system, computer facility or trading software, whether these belong to the Company, Client, any exchange or any settlement or clearing system.
10. Expiry System Errors: If for whatever reason the expiry system fails, it will auto detect un-expired options and expire them in accordance to the rates stored historically in the archive. In the event that a position does not expire on time, the system will issue a notification to the Risk Manager and Compliance Officer, detailing all information on the position, so that it can be resolved manually.

Content Disclaimer

The content of this website, including but not limited to photographs and names, serves to provide generic information and function for illustrative purposes; by no means is the content intended to serve as financial, investment or any other form of advice. Any and all reliance on the information found on this website is solely at the user’s own risk, as the Company makes no representation as to the accuracy of this information.

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